Why Mexico?

Motor vehicles in Mexico are less expensive than in the US or Canada. Often dramatically less. Also we like the weather here!

Who are we?

Veracruz Alrededor del Mundo S.A. de C.V. (VAMSA) is a Mexican company owned 100% by Scott Symonds.

Scott Symonds is a Canadian who was an active exporter in Canada since 1998. The Canadian Dollar (CAD) strengthened in 2005 and 2006 to the point it was no longer viable to export vehicles from Canada. In 2006 he relocated to Veracruz to create an automotive export business.

Where are we?

VAMSA is located in Veracruz a port city on the Gulf of Mexico. Veracruz is the major Mexican Port serving Europe and the World. This is the most ideal location in Mexico for the export of automobiles.

Why Us?

VAMSA will give high quality, personal service with integrity. Our prices are very competitive by any standard. Combined with our service and attention detail we give superior value.

Who are our customers?

VAMSA acts a supplier to automotive specialty import dealers around the world. We are not a retail dealer and generally do not serve private customers.

 Why not private customers?

VAMSA is a wholesale operation. We do not have the capability (or desire) to deal with the detail required to properly service such a client. Our strength is serving a few dealers very well. We are, in essence, a member of their team.

Who are our suppliers?

VAMSA sources its vehicles from “official dealers”. Generally it is not possible to source vehicles for export direct from the manufacturers. We have an excellent network of dealers eager to fulfil our needs. We have negotiated exceptional pricing for most vehicles available in Mexico – both domestic and foreign.

Does VAMSA have an inventory of vehicles?

Generally we do not. Our suppliers all have significant inventories. Additionally most manufacturers have a “bank” of vehicles in Mexico available to their dealer networks for immediate delivery.

An exception is vehicles in high demand. We frequently order these vehicles for stock so that our customers can always expect immediate shipment.

Does VAMSA supply accessories?

We can supply most accessories but it is difficult and we cannot be price competitive as there is not a good aftermarket network here. We can supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) accessories.

Are the vehicles made in Mexico?

Not necessarily. Most vehicles are priced according to the local (National) market regardless of the country where manufactured. The manufacturers usually have one or at most two factories for each model. This factory usually supplies all of North America and often the whole world. As an example Dodge Ram Mega Cab is manufactured here but the Dodge Ram Crew Cab in the US. The Vehicle Identification number (VIN) for vehicles manufactured in Mexico begin with “3”.

What about warranty?

Usually no. When vehicles exported the factory warranty is voided.

Why not used?

Many reasons. Vehicles in Mexico have a hard life. The streets have severe and often unmarked speed bumps and the streets are often in serious dis-repair. And the drivers are very aggressive. Another problem is that used vehicle prices include IVA (VAT) that cannot be recovered thus making prices artificially high. Lastly there are no auctions here or other good source of such vehicles.

What are shipping costs and who pays?

We can supply vehicles FOB, CFR and CIF. We rarely do FOB as it is usually better if we arrange getting the vehicle on boat. We normally ship 2 vehicles together in a 40 foot container. The cost of the ocean freight to Antwerp or Bremerhaven fluctuates. The shipping rates are always in US dollars and the rate of exchange can fluctuate by as much as 20% in a year (sometimes good, sometimes bad). Additionally, the shipping companies constantly change shipping rates based on both demand and fuel prices.

Other costs include securing the vehicles in the container (stuffing), delivery of the container to the port and customs documentations and fees. Total cost is approx $600 USD per vehicle. We can provide Insurance during transit at a cost of .7% (This included in the price when we ship CIF).

Are there other Exporters in Mexico?

There are. VAMSA being the best. Best service. Best value.

Risks. What are the Risks?

There are, to our knowledge, no legal risks. Our activity is lawful. Our vehicles are all new vehicles direct from the dealer so theft, non disclosed accidents/repair or inaccurate odometers are not a problem.

The risk is that the exporter does not perform.

We will perform.

We will provide you excellent service with no unpleasant surprises.